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The R4 3DS Review: Shopping for 3DS Flashcarts? Try These R4 3DS Flashcarts

Alone, the Nintendo 3DS is a pretty popular handheld gaming console—but, there’s far more to the 3DS than most people think. You can actually get more out of the Nintendo 3DS by using a device known as a flashcart.

Flashcarts have been around for years. Consumer-grade flashcarts, like the popular R4, were popularized during the days of the original Nintendo DS. Today, the R4 3DS continues to hold the original R4’s popularity well into the 3DS’ lifespan.

So, did you know that there are several different types of R4 3DS flashcarts? Well, there are—in fact, it’s practically expected at this point.

Since there are multiple versions of the R4 3DS, you’re probably wondering which one’s the best one to buy. The answer to that question is simple: the R4 3DS. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn about the other, too. The R4 3DS isn’t the only flashcart on the market. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the other R4 3DS flashcarts that exist.

Reviewing R4 3DS Flashcarts

For a long while, the only R4 3DS flashcarts could only play homebrew apps and games that were native to the Nintendo DS. None could play or display files that were truly native to the 3DS. Well, until the first true 3DS flashcart hit the market.

The First – R4iDSN 3DS

The R4iDSN 3DS was the first flashcart to ‘jailbreak’ the Nintendo 3DS, released sometime after the handheld itself. This flashcart is best known by its blue package, gaining the name of the ‘blue R4 3DS’ flashcard. This flashcart notably uses the Wood R4i kernel, updated to V1.39 out of the box.

The Popular – R4 3DS/R4 SDHC 3DS

When people ask about the R4 3DS, they’re really referring to the red R4 3DS/SDHC 3DS card. At this time, it’s pretty much the most popular R4 3DS on the market.

This flashcart is fully compatible with the 3DS and is constantly updated by its manufacturers with the latest software. It’s also privy to occasional hardware updates to keep up with the demands of the ever evolving 3DS handheld. Pretty much everyone acquainted with R4 devices uses the R4 3DS, so it’s highly recommended to get one if you’re looking for one.

The Gold – R4i Gold 3DS/R4i Gold Plus

The R4i 3DS is another popular R4 3DS that provides users with full support for 3DS, DSI and DS applications. The Plus version improves on various software and hardware features, making it a lot better than it has been in years.